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What Temperature Does Gasoline Freeze At?

As cold weather grips much of the country, there’s a good chance you’ll either have to live with it or travel through it at some point this winter. You may have never considered the freezing point of gasoline as an issue, but should you? Dave Mays Automotive in Gainesville, FL has the answer.

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Why Is My ABS Light On?

At Dave Mays Automotive in Gainesville, FL, we see our fair share of warning lights and dashboard notifications. If your ABS light is illuminated, here’s what you need to know.


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Is Your Car Trying To Tell You Something?

Your car will rarely just break down or take a turn for the worst out of the blue. Nine times out of ten, your car, truck, or SUV will let you know if something is about to go wrong. Here’s a few things to watch out for, from Dave Mays Automotive in Gainesville, FL.

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Protect Your Auto Investment

At Dave Mays Automotive in Gainesville, FL, we understand that a car, truck, or SUV is more than just a vehicle. It’s a means of getting your kids to school, getting you to work, picking up groceries, and everything else you need to do. You use your car more than any other thing you own, and it’s also most likely your biggest material investment.

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Winter Tires

Snow and ice season is upon us – are your tires ready? Dave Mays Automotive in Gainesville, FL is here to make sure they are.

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Thank you, Dave Mays Automotive.

By some great stroke of luck and grace, I found my way to Dave Mays Automotive when the car needed service. Dave was so great! He always knew what the problem was and how to fix it. And, most of all, he was always honest and never, ever overcharged for his work. Believe me, as a woman alone with only rudimentary knowledge of cars, engines and how it all worked I had been taken advantage of by unscrupulous mechanics multiple times in the past. The day Dave brought out a stethoscope to listen to the engine on my car, I knew I had met a master! I write today to offer a very belated but so heart felt thank you to Dave. You were really a life saver when I needed help. You were a reason for me to continue to believe in the goodness of human beings and to believe integrity and honesty and craftsmanship were alive and well.
I hope your life in the intervening years has been blessed with good health, prosperity, peace and happiness. Thank you! - Jane R. (recommended on Facebook)

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