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Auto manufacturers provide a warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles for most vehicle systems and up to 50,000 miles for federal mandated emission components. Additional car sales are driven by 10 year, 100,000 mile extended warranties, free oil services and lifetime tires. Most extended warranties require an upfront payment if not already included in the original purchase price. Owner’s manuals list a schedule of maintenance requirements to keep warranties in force but these warranties eventually end. When considering the purchase of a vehicle, some buyers figure in the cost of this required maintenance.

Sometimes the service interval for the same model transmission may differ radically from year to year. These extended service intervals suggest “technological improvements,” “environmentally friendly” and “green” advancements. But what is actually different? Answer: very little or nothing. An automatic transmission, for example serviced at 60,000 miles will likely be working just fine at 100,000 miles. What assurances follow that this vehicle will get to the 200,000 mile point or beyond with the same maintenance regimen?

The majority of aftermarket repairs, brakes, tires, belts, idlers, pulleys, ignition components and engine lubricants and fluids are considered “wear out” items with a predictable lifespan and generally are not warranted. Warranties eventually run out before costly items such as engines, transmissions, power steering and brake hydraulic systems do. Most will last 100,000 to 150,000 miles and beyond with minimal maintenance, then what?

Twenty years ago many vehicles were “done” at that point even with the best maintenance. Back then, one service technician kept 50 vehicles on the road whereas today a technician is responsible for over 300 vehicles. Then, vehicle retention was an average 7 years. Today it is over 11 years, and used car prices are rising monthly. The BG system fluid services we offer for hydraulics, cooling system, power steering, transmission and oil change fluids include a warranty against failure of those systems at no extra upfront cost. When these fluid services are completed early in a maintenance schedule and continued at the recommended intervals, BG guarantees the continued operation of those systems regardless of mileage and as long as you own your vehicle. The BG services minimize wear, corrosion and contaminants that are the leading causes of component failures.

For “short term owners” that lease or trade in a vehicle every 2 years these products and services may not be much of value, but for “long haul owners” that purchase such vehicles around manufacture warranty expirations time (3 years, 36,000 miles) a BG protection warranty plan is a must. The important thing is to get started early, perform maintenances on schedule, get started with a warranty coverage that goes beyond what the other warranties promise and get every system in top working condition for the “long haul”, after all “we are all in this together.?

The BG protection plan is fully transferable.

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